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Posted on February 23, 2015 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (1781)

Last Night, Feb 21st 2015 I had the pleasure to entertain at a wedding for an old friend, Chris Keegan.  Chris and I went to high school together and would often hang out together!  I can remember a specific event where Chris and I can now look back on and laugh.  We had just left work and we were heading to a school event.  The event was about to end, and were running late.  Chris was putting the pedal down so we could make it before it was too late.  Unfortunately we were pulled over, and when we were just minutes from our destination.  The cop was probably the most sympathetic I had ever met!  He understood our rush, and let us off the hook...however not without making Chris call home to tell his parents.  I remember the fear Chirs had telling his dad.  I didnt know his dad then, but now that I do, I find it hard to believe that his dad would even be fearing! 

So back to last night!  Chris now lives in Columbus and that is where the reception was as well.  So Xavier and I had to travel down.  What would normally be about a 2-215 hour drive, ended up taking a little over 3 hours due to the heavy snow we had received.  But it was totally worth the drive.  It was the perfect wedding to kick of 2015! 

The Vue Columbus was the perfect setting!  It was sort of an industrial venue with a wonderful staff!  One of the owners Liz was extremely accomodating especially with our rushing since our travel took longer than expected.  The room was large and beautifully decorated.  What I loved most was that it was not overdone! 

Chris gave a wonderful gift to his new bride.  He and his dad played and sang while the entire room of guests cheered them on!  It was like being at a concert!  On top of that a friend and his dad performed the first dance!  Lorena and Jerry, shown in the picture below sang and played "To Make You Feel My Love"   It was amazing and probably the best first dance I have ever seen!  There is just something about a live performance! 

From there, the reception was perfect.  I cannot begin to describe the energy on the dance floor!  All the way till the last song, the room was full!  I would have loved for the wedding to continue past its scheduled end time, even though I still had a 2 hour drive ahead of me!  No matter, it would have been wonderful to continue the party! Xavier and I had a hard time narrowing down the music selection to figure out what we could fit into the time remaining. 

I also had the pleasure of seeing another great couple that I entertained at nearly 7 years ago!  Chris' sister had me as her DJ back in 2008!  Additionally, many of my high school friends were there as well.  Although it has been many years since I have seen Chris, I still consider him a friend, and I was honored to DJ for him and his beautiful new bride, Allison. 

Congratulations to you both Allison (Riddle) & Christopher Keegan!