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Purple Butterfly Effect

Small Gestures Make Big Impacts

A baby is born

Brooks Music Owners, Brandon and Ashlea Brooks have a son, Noah. Noah was born 11 weeks early on July 28, 2016. Noah spent 181 days in the NICU at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, OH. We spent all of the major holidays in the NICU and it was a very hard time for us. We had received a few gift cards to help get us through the constant daily travel an hour from home to spend time with our miracle baby! So in 2017, we decided to help give back! 

Why Purple Butterfly Effect

1. Our son was in the butterfly pod in the NICU.

2. One of the definitions of butterfly effect is: "small causes can have larger effects" We like to think that by doing small gestures like this, it will make big impacts on the lives of these families.

3. Last, but one of the most important. Purple butterflies in the NICU world represent twinless twins. Our son is a twinless twin, so we wanted to honor that through this project!

42 babies & their families

With the help of our customers, family and friends, we collected $10 cash and gift card donations to provide the families with gas gift cards. On December 22nd, 2017 we went to the NICU to provide our donations! The Brooks Family presented 42 families with $10.00 gift cards!  

Moving forward in 2018

We want to make 2018's donation much larger! So Brooks Music has committed to donate $20.00 from each wedding booked in 2018! That alone should more than double our donation from 2017! 

In addition, we will also be holding a fundraising raffle dinner including dancing, photo booth and drinks at a local hall! Details on when and where will be provided in early spring this year! 

We hope to be able to continue this benefit event for the years to come and hopefully make a difference in these families stay at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.  

Please check back and see how we are doing! If you want to help, Please send us a message! We accept all forms of payment for donation!